Everyday Tips for Taking Care of Your New Retainer

Your new retainer helps to maintain the alignment of your teeth after your braces have been removed. Without it the residual tension in your periodontal ligaments could start to pull your teeth out of their ideal alignment. If your new retainer is damaged or you don’t wear it during the... Read more »

Tips for Preventing Gum Disease while Wearing Braces

Even though the wires and brackets of your braces are not made from materials that can be affected by bacteria, they still need to be included in your oral hygiene routine. The wires, brackets, and bands of your braces can sometimes be hard to clean around. This can create areas... Read more »

Proper Care and Cleaning Tip for Your New Retainer

Over the course of multiple adjustment sessions your teeth have been pulled into a healthy and more visually appealing alignment. Now the time has come for your braces to be removed. Of course braces are only one step in the process of providing and maintaining the ideal alignment of your... Read more »